Client Testimonials

Our clients have this to say about our services:


Employment Dispute (May 2024)

“I couldn’t be happier in my dealings with I Chsherbinin Litigation. Every step of the way, Nikolay proved to be knowledgeable, extremely strategic, and supportive. His detailed approach to my multi-pronged employment issue gave me total confidence as the legal process moved through each stage. Nikolay refused to be intimidated or bullied by large “bay” street law firms, and his determined commitment to my success was very much appreciated. I highly, highly, highly recommend Nikolay for any and every employment issue you may experience. Nikolay’s assistant Alua deserves a special shoutout as she is simply amazing to deal with from first contact right through to the end. Thank you for everything Nikolay and Alua!”

~ André Yumbla-Bell (Toronto, ON)

Employment Dispute (April 2024)

“I reached out to him when I was really in need of help, and he graciously used his extensive knowledge to solve my problem. Not only that, but he was also there to support me and my family emotionally during that difficult time. Thank you very much, Nikolay!”

~ Mohammad Halimi (Toronto, ON)

Workplace Strategic Advice (January 2024)

“I would highly recommend the services of Chsherbinin Litigation Barristers. I worked with Nikolay several times. His advice has been straightforward, direct and well informed. Whether it be basic employment contracts or more complicated separation agreements, his services have been professional and have delivered a favourable and fair outcome for all parties.”

~ Tracy Culleton (Toronto, ON)

Civil (Fraud) / Employment Litigation (January 2024)

“I hired Mr. Nikolay when I was dismissed from my employment after almost two decades of employment with wrongful and false accusation. I was in shock, was annihilated, stressed by employer’s bullying, unfair actions. To prove my innocence and honesty, to fight an employer with endless cash, I needed a lawyer who will not just do his job but truly understands my cause which was more than money, my plight, my emotional struggle, financial loss and injustice done to me, save me and my family from the clutches of a unfair employer. After meeting few lawyers, I chose to go with Mr. Nikolay. C. His attention to intricate details, comprehension of technical details of my job, his undying energy in tackling thousands of sheets of paperwork made me realize that I took a very prudent decision during the most difficult time of my life. I decided that he is the one I can trust with my and my family’s future, my money and career with! Because everything was at Stake. We all want value that’s commensurate with the fees we pay at the least, but to get a lawyer who will not give up on you when it gets tougher, who will continuously support your cause in the case but does not hesitate to correct you when you are wrong, fierce in facing the bullies on behalf of you, he becomes your strength to sustain and fight. Mr. Nikolay became the biggest strength when I was at my lowest. Mr. Nikolay is not your everyday just efficient lawyer, he is sharp, understands corporate world well, realistic with extra ordinary negotiating skills. I managed to over come few years of struggle with his guidance and strategy. As the process became complicated, he kept pushing forward with his well laid plans, explained the strategy very clearly to me, explained facts that I could not see as I was under stress. He was into the case as deep as I. This ordeal was filled with facing employer’s manipulative measures, threats, no hesitation of presenting lies to the court, backed by deep pockets, continuous threats, we were able stay courageous with one support, that was Nikolay and his excellent team. The amount of paperwork, learning technical details of my job, none of it held him back. Every time we bumped into a hurdle; he had a plan B ready. For every action over few years, Mr. Nikolay was prepared with his counter actions which saved me time. He is the lawyer everyone would wish for, an excellent lawyer, brilliant strategies but remains humane all the time. I am a professional who deals with other professionals at all levels, I have never seen a lawyer who is committed to client’s cause like Mr. Nikolay. He is a powerful combination of legal Knowledge and expertise, determination to see through the case till the end and genuinely compassionate to his clients. If you need a lawyer to help you with employment and civil issues, Mr. Nikolay is the one you can trust, he is fearless when it gets tough, I trusted him and it was my best decision.”

~ NDKS (Toronto, ON)

Immigration to Canada (November 2023)

“I really think Chsherbinin Litigation is a great choice if you need help with immigration legal stuff. Mr. Chsherbinin is a super good immigration lawyer. When we first met, he explained all the tricky legal stuff in a way I could understand, and he always answered my questions quickly. And I can’t forget to mention his assistant, Alua. She’s really helpful and knows a lot. The whole experience of working with Chsherbinin Litigation was pleasant and made me feel confident dealing with the complicated immigration rules. They’re really good at what they do, and I’d recommend them to anyone who needs help with immigration stuff.”

~ Anton Yakovyshyn (Napean, ON)

Immigration to Canada (September 2023)

“I highly recommend Chsherbinin Litigation. Mr. Chsherbinin is the best immigration lawyer I have ever worked with. From our first meeting, he explained everything to me in terms I could easily understand and was always very responsive when I had questions. His assistant, Alua, is also very supportive and knowledgeable, it was a pleasure to deal with Chsherbinin Litigation.”

~ Alona Iakovyshyna (Ottawa, ON)

Employment Dispute (August 2023)

“I highly recommend Chsherbinin Litigation Excellent service very, easy to talk to and no beating around the bush. Time is money and they tell you straight what to expect what can be done.They don’t give you false hope and try to string you along to get extra money out of you.They are very professional.”

~ Jean Bergeron (South Timmins, ON)

Immigration to Canada (August 2023)

“Our case was very non-standard. Nikolai is the only one in Toronto who could help. He solved a long term immigration problem we couldn’t handle. Nikolay found an innovative approach and was able to do the impossible to secure permanent resident status for my family. One of the best aspects of the job was his instant communication, attention to detail, and clarity of action, which gave us confidence in his ability to handle tough challenges. I can safely say that this is an expert in the field of migration legislation. We wish you continued success and recommend him as an exceptional specialist in immigration matters!”

~ Lisa (Toronto, ON)

Immigration Removal (June 2023)

“Mr. Chsherbinin stopped my removal from Canada by going to the Federal Court and persuading a judge that CBSA made a mistake. This was very stressful for my family. I recommend Mr. Chsherbinin very highly as I think he is the best immigration lawyer in Toronto. His assistant, Alua, is incredible and also very knowledgeable, supportive and pleasant to deal with”

~ Damir T. (Toronto, ON)

Employment Litigation (June 2023)

“Mr. Chsherbinin represented our company in civil litigation matters. He is personable, knowledgeable and gutsy lawyer. We recommend Mr. Chsherbinin highly for all your employee-related needs and disputes!”

~ Nadya Kr. (Toronto, ON)

Employment Litigation (March 2023)

“I recommend Mr. Chsherbinin to anyone. I retained him to represent me in a wrongful dismissal against Canada’s largest bank. The bank used every trick in a book to delay the resolution of my dispute in hopes that I would simply give up and walk away. I did not. Mr. Chsherbinin’s belief in the successful outcome of my case was very encouraging and kept me going. And Nikolay was right. At the end, the bank relented and settled shortly before our trial date. Mr. Chsherbinin’s guidance, education about legal process and employment concepts, and dedication to my case is very much appreciated. If you were dismissed or terminated (and if your employer is uncooperative) you need Mr. Chsherbinin on your side!”

~ Sam P. (North York, ON)

Employment Litigation (December 2022)

“My corporate partner referred me to Mr. Chsherbinin in order to assist me with my personal employment dispute. As a holder of a C-level job it is not always easy to challenge your ex-employer that casts some shadow within the industry. After the very first meeting with Nikolay, I knew I wanted him to represent me. He did not hesitate to take, in a head on style, my ex-employer. When the negotiation got stalled, Nikolay launched the lawsuit. When my ex-employer counterclaimed against me, we doubled down. This was very stressful. But Nikolay did not wince. Instead, he got an appointment with a judge, got an early date for a trial and proceeded with the lawsuit. At the end, my ex-employer “blinked” and settled. Not only Mr. Chsherbinin put real money in my pocket, he also got my legal fees paid. Nikolay is a very good strategist. He is very supportive and positive lawyer. He evaluates risks and then presses on. I highly recommend Nikolay for all your labour and employment needs.”

~ C.M. (Oshawa, ON)

Employment Litigation (July 2022)

“Mr. Chsherbinin represented me in a labour dispute, which entailed a hearing before the Ontario Labour Relations Board (to remove union and get me standing) and two arbitration hearings. These proceedings were extensive, included 8 witnesses, lasted 6 days and resulted in favourable outcomes. As a professor of criminology, I can tell you that there are generally two types of counsel: (1) those that do an average job of preparation and hope for a settlement or plea; and (2) “true believers” who share a client’s view of injustice and go the extra mile in preparation and a willingness to take the matter to adjudication. In my case, the fees were substantive, but worth every penny spent. Mr. Chsherbinin kept me informed of every aspect of my case, included me into his decision-making process and always looked at any problematic issue from a “glass half full” perspective. I recommend Mr. Chsherbinin highly.”

~ M.G.Y (London, ON)

Employment Litigation (July 2022)

“I hired Mr. Chsherbinin to represent me in a complex wrongful dismissal case. Mr. Chsherbinin was referred to me by one of my lawyer friends who acted against him in a separate case. Mr. Chsherbinin is both a personable and knowledgeable court-room lawyer. He is neither intimated nor hesitates to take a big law firm on, such as my multi-million ex-employer hired to defend it. Mr. Chsherbinin took the time to explain everything thoroughly to me making the litigation process significantly less stressful. He explained all procedural steps in plain English, updated me on all developments, and got me directly involved in the decision-making process. Having dealt with many lawyers, I have never seen anything like that before. In my case, Mr. Chsherbinin’s litigation strategy and dedication to my file was flawless. It put real money in my pocket. My ex-employer’s unwavering stance crumbled and he settled the case just 1 day before the summary judgment motion. Aside from severance, I also received significant legal fees as well. All in all, Mr. Chsherbinin is a very practical lawyer whose skills produce real financial gains. As a senior executive manager I appreciated Mr. Chsherbinin’s practicality, decisiveness and raw legal talent. I would without hesitation or reservation recommend Mr. Chsherbinin for all of your employment legal needs. His assistant, Alua, also deserves an honorable mention. She is exceptionally well organized, efficient, and an absolute pleasure and delight to deal with. I hope this account of my experience with Chsherbinin Litigation would be of some assistance to you.”

~ Malcolm Webb (Toronto, ON)

Employment Litigation (May 2022)

“Our company hired Mr. Chsherbinin to defend us against the wrongful dismissal lawsuit. After a few bold moves and very creative writing, Mr. Chsherbinin made all our problems go away. His negotiation skills are second to none. His desire to litigate to protect us is very much appreciated. During the litigation process, Mr. Chsherbinin educated us about employment law and how to avoid lawsuits in the future. Mr. Chsherbinin was recommended to us by our corporate partner. In turn, we highly recommend Mr. Chsherbinin to you for all your employment, human rights and litigation needs.”

~ Mirza Baig (London, ON)

Employment Dispute (April 2022)

“Although Nikolay did not take up my case, which I respect, I still feel compelled to share how deeply impressed I was with him as a brilliant, insightful professional. I had only one consultation (Apr 18/22) with Nikolay, and he was very different from other lawyers that I have encountered and continue to encounter. I tend to be ridiculously screwed over and duped by various legal counsels that take my time, their fees, and only make my civil matter worse. I already wish I could give up, but I can’t. Prior to our consultation, Nikolay received numerous complicated files from me to review. Just in a day, he came prepared, as he (amazingly) knew all the details, the culprits and the pitfalls that he pointed out to me. He opened my eyes on things that I had personally overlooked. He showed the angles of approach that I had no idea of. His every word was golden. Congratulations to those of you who got Nikolay on your side. Special regards to Nikolay’s legal assistant Alua, the most personable and helpful that I have met so far.”

~ A.K. (Toronto, ON)

Civil Litigation (January 2022)

“Nikolay Chsherbinin has helped me and my family with several cases. He’s highly professional, extremely knowledgeable and has delivered results no other lawyer could achieve. When he takes your case you can have a piece of mind that you are in good hands and will get the best results possible.”

~ Nikita Lebedev (Toronto, ON)

Immigration Litigation (December 2021)

“Prior to my deportation, the Canada Border Services Agency gave me an opportunity to apply for a Pre-removal Risk Assessment. After I did, CBSA cancelled it and tried to deport me from Canada where I have been living for 20 years with my entire family. I urgently called Mr. Nikolay Chsherbinin for consultation. After our call, I instantly felt better and educated about my chances and prospects. We took the immigration department to court. It resisted and tried to have my case dismissed. Mr. Chsherbinin fought back and got the government’s motion thrown-out. Then, he persuaded the federal court to grant leave in my case and then he got my PR application approved. Believe me or don’t believe me, but I can assure you that by having Nikolay in your corner it will make you feel and sleep better. Deportations are very stressful. They are expensive to fight. You need an experienced, court-room, lawyer who is not afraid to take the government on. You should see him cross-examining the CBSA’s officer. My entire family highly recommends Mr. Chsherbinin to you. Honestly, don’t give up and go see Mr. Chsherbinin. Good luck.”

~ Leyla Hajiyeva (Toronto, ON)

Wrongful Dismissal (December 2021)

“Three previous lawyers, who consider themselves to be “best” immigration lawyers, told me that I have no chance of staying in Canada legally and that CBSA will deport me. This is very discouraging. When a family friend recommended that I meet with Nikolay Chsherbinin (4th lawyer), I was not enthused. Having met with Mr. Chsherbinin, I knew I wanted him as my lawyer. He has a very positive outlook on problems. Mr. Chsherbinin was very straightforward and told me that my chances are slim, but that there is – a chance. He candidly warned me that it will cost a lot and may not work. Long story short – it all worked out beautifully. Less than 1 year after my first meeting with Nikolay, I became a permanent resident of Canada in December 2021. Wow…is right 🙂 I 100% agree with other reviewers that Mr. Chsherbinin is a very creative, compassionate and honest lawyer. His extensive experience in immigration cases (check his website) and especially his supportive personality made such a difference in my case. My spouse and I highly recommend Mr. Chsherbinin and give him and his wonderfully organized assistant Alua – “5 stars”. I hope that my review is of some assistance to you as you are browsing through the endless list of “best” immigration lawyers. Happy holidays!”

~ Ivan Swan (Toronto, ON)

Wrongful Dismissal (October 2021)

“Working with Nikolay was an exceptional experience. By its very nature the employment termination is unpleasant and was difficult as I had been at my firm for many years. He is an excellent communicator, regularly providing updates and outlining scenarios that could come up as my case progress in order to prepare me for upcoming decisions. He is also very strategic and collaborative, we would work together to determine next steps and he would listen to my position and then we would move forward in a clear and unified way. Nikolay would try to work in a diplomatic manner with my former employer, but was always prepared to go to litigation. I cannot say enough about Nikolay from a legal perspective as he was excellent. His personal approach was also appreciated, he would regularly check in to see how I was doing along the whole way. All of this to say, Nikolay guided me through a difficult process following an unexpected termination, in a way that shows his dedication to his clients and passionate about his work. I trusted that Nikolay had my best interest in mind and would push for the best result. I would also like to share how wonderful it was to work with Alua from Nikolay’s office.She was always polite, professional and made sure anything I needed was addressed.”

~ Marvin C (Toronto, ON)

Civil Litigation and Immigration Disputes (August 2021)

“Our family used Mr. Chsherbinin’s services on several, separate occasions to help us with civil and immigration matters. Nikolay is very humble about his procedural expertise and industry connections, but delivers “jaw dropping” results every time. He litigates without hesitation and negotiates results that, our previous lawyers, told us were impossible. If you have a sensitive civil or difficult immigration/citizenship matter, and need a lawyer who is highly skilled, cares and confidential, Nikolay is your man. We highly recommend him. If we could give Mr. Chsherbinin 100 starts, we would.”

~ Konstantin Sokol (Toronto, ON)

Immigration Matters (August 2021)

“Our immigration case was a difficult one but Nikolay and Alua came through for us with expertise and professionalism. Fees were transparent. For ex, other lawyers would charge us for every nit picking correspondence (even replying an email with “okay” was subject to being charged their hourly rate). Chsherbinin Ltd did nothing of the sort, stayed within the upfront quote, and responded within a reasonable time frame with efficiency. They were well organized and we were very satisfied with the way they handled our documents. Instructions were very clear on what we needed to do and provide, and Nikolay is very knowledgeable and an expert in his field. Thanks to Alua’s excellent communication skills up front, even when we were unable to reach Nikolay, we would be kept in the loop and given an accurate time frame of when we would hear back from him. Super happy with receiving the results we were looking for, all thanks to Nikolay and team!”

~ Jinnie Yi (Toronto, ON)

Employment Dispute (August 2021)

“Nikolay came highly recommended by another lawyer friend. This is our second time using Nikolay; first time was to process my Canadian permanent residency application and the second time was to negotiate my severance package. Nikolay is a highly efficient, direct, and strategic lawyer! He has a no nonsense approach and that worked really well when he negotiated my severance package, which was more than we expected. He definitely went above and beyond for us. I can’t say enough good things about Nikolay. He deserves 6 stars!”

~ Pamela Altberg (Toronto, ON)

Employment Dispute (July 2021)

“Due to unfortunate circumstances this was the second time our family has had to use Nikolay. It is an uneasy feeling when being let go from an organization especially during a Pandemic. Thankfully Nikolay knew exactly what to say to keep me calm and focus on the mission at hand. It is exciting to watch Nikolay in action as he is sharp and knowledgeable. Nikolay always had my best interests at hand and was a cool but tough negotiator. Finally, Nikolay is very professional & honest and with out a doubt will help you through any difficult circumstances. I highly recommend Nikolay. Thanks to his expertise I am please to say that I received the compensation I deserved in an expedited timeline.”

~ Paul Stewart (Toronto, ON)

Employment Dispute (June 2021)

“Nikolay Chsherbinin is a no-nonsense, direct and upfront lawyer. He is quick to act on your case, will study it thoroughly and give you the direct answer on how the process will go and the expected outcome. Throughout the process, he was very strategic in his approach, communicative and always kept me updated on the progression of the case and gave me reassurances and guidance even when I would waiver. Alua, his assistant was very helpful and empathetic and always provided the documentation that I needed.My dealings with Nikolay Chsherbinin’s office exceeded my expectations and I would recommend and refer his employment law and litigation services to my friends, family and anyone who would ask me and I would definitely use his office’s services in the future should I need it again.”

~ N.H. (Brampton, ON)

Civil Litigation (June 2021)

“This is the third time that our family has dealt with this amazing professional! And each time, he has steered our ship surely and steadily towards the harbour, notwithstanding any stormy circumstances; and we have been able to achieve a positive resolution of issues in our favour! Nikolay will listen patiently, analyze all aspects in depth, clearly and in layman’s terms explain everything, and make sure that you are kept up to date with all nuances and developments of your case. He will not cut corners or give false hopes but having him on your side exponentially increase your chance for a positive outcome of your case. My advice to anyone out there, looking for legal assistance, is not to waste time and energy looking around for expert counsel and qualified representation. Reach out to Nikolay and be assured that you will be in very good, capable and trustworthy hands. Do not let things deteriorate to a point where only a miracle or divine intervention can help you.Call Mr Chsherbinin because he truly and honestly is the next best thing to a miracle!!!”

~ Tatyana Hajiyeva (Toronto, ON)

Employment Matter (May 2021)

“Mr. Chsherbinin came to me highly recommended from a senior level executive, who had used his services on several occasions regarding “executive severance” packages. He is extremely creative, a great strategist, and a tough negotiator. He is not afraid of taking on the large downtown law firms, nor is he afraid of full on litigation. His council and coaching were extremely valuable and worth every dollar spent. He successfully negotiated my case, and put real money in my pocket!”

~ J.F. (Toronto, ON)

Human Rights (April 2021)

“It took the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal nearly 7 years to adjudicate my human rights – discrimination based on disability – complaint. My former employer used every procedural opportunity to delay my case. I was so relieved and happy to find Nikolay Chsherbinin, who really listened to my story for the first time. Mr. Chsherbinin argued my case for 13 days, cross-examined 11 witnesses, defended a number of motions and never ever backdown. As a result, I won! Mr. Chsherbinin’s procedural knowledge is second to none, his written advocacy is excellent, his positive personality is encouraging and his determination is dogged. Our family recommends Mr. Chsherbinin for all your human rights, employment and litigation needs.”

~ Kathy Finstad (Toronto, ON)

Civil Litigation (April 2021)

“We hired Mr. Chsherbinin on an urgent basis, because our previous lawyer told us that there is not much can be done. During our 2-hour Zoom call (we sought 2nd opinion), Nikolay came up with a few practical strategies and encouraged us to fight on. Once we formally switched to Mr. Chsherbinin’s firm, there was a marked change in our difficult (civil litigation) case. Nikolay immediately initiated the court appearance, obtained the tight procedural schedule and forced the opposing side to retreat. He did not stop there. At the end, Mr. Chsherbinin persuaded the other side that their allegations could not succeed and the case was resolved, just like that. Mr. Chsherbinin is a very diligent, responsible, positive – halal – lawyer (worth every penny). He is highly recommended!”

~ Sabina Taghiyeva (Toronto, ON)

Employment and Human Rights Litigation (April 2021)

“Mr. Chsherbinin has been our company’s employment lawyer for 10 years now. He is very practical during regular business times and very strategic during disputes. Under Nikolay’s guidance, we became a better employer, with better employees and workplace practices. We recommend Nikolay highly to any business that needs a trusted advisor, who can help you navigate challenging situations and offer practical solutions, and who can fight in court, if need be.”

~ Mills Motors Buick GMC (Oshawa, ON)

Employment Dispute (March 2021)

“Prior to me hiring Nikolay I had 3 previous employment law firms. The case was not an easy one, dealing with a federal employer. As can be appreciated, having dealt with previous lawyers, my file was a mile thick and could easily fit in numerous boxes. From our first meeting, I was very impressed with how quickly Nikolay digested my case and came up with a strategy, which ultimately worked. Nikolay is a very intelligent, positive and supportive lawyer. There were times, when I just wanted to give up, even as we were appealing to the Federal Court of Appeal. Nikolay encouraged me not to give up and not to give in. It was a very hard-fought case, against a large employer and its large law firm. But in the end, the case was resolved to my financial satisfaction. Nikolay is a shining star! I would highly recommend him for any employment-related matter.”

~ Pamela Harvey (Snow Valley, ON)

Employment Dispute (February 2021)

“From my first call to the office that I was welcomed by Alua (admin) who was very warm and kind. To my first conversation with Mr Chsherbinin, I knew he was the lawyer to represent me. Mr Chsherbinin is very detailed, has a strategical mindset, with high levels of knowledge of the employment law. During the progression of my termination case, it was very overwhelming but Mr Chsherbinin kept me confident, educated me on all my rights and always encouraged me not to give up. He provided me continuous updates, so I never was left wondering or having to contact him for updates. He will never leave any stones unturned and will always find a way to ensure you have a positive outcome. I would highly recommend Mr Chsherbinin to anyone who is trying to understand their rights with a termination settlement. Mr Chsherbinin deserves 5 stars for all his dedication and hard work!”

~ Amm. B (Brampton, ON)

Employment Dispute (December 2020)

“I hired Nikolay immediately following the elimination of my position at work to improve the quality of my severance package. Because we are in the midst of a pandemic, I was worried about how long the monies paid would last as finding quality employment during this period is challenging. Nikolay immediately put me at ease, and after just a couple meetings, I was well on my way to securing the severance pay I needed, a 150% increase over the initial offer. Nikolay is down to earth, personable, and strategic in his approach, I felt well-informed throughout the entire process. I’d hire him again and recommend him to all my friends and family. Thank you!”

~ Mike N (Toronto, ON)

Citizenship Matter (September 2020)

“Our family is very thankful for results that Mr. Chsherbinin delivered in our complex immigration and citizenship cases, despite slow-downs caused by COVID-19. Mr. Chsherbinin is a very positive and diligent lawyer. He has great personality, knows his stuff, takes proactive steps and really guides you through the process.100% you will save you time and energy!!!!”

~ Y&K S (Toronto, ON)

Employment Matter (July 2020)

“I had been with the company for over 25 years. Following my dismissal, I was offered a severance package, but was not sure if it was fair. My friends recommended that I have Nikolay Chsherbinin review it. I am so glad that I listened to them, because it turned out that the severance package was not fair. I hired Mr. Chsherbinin to represent me. A few shrewd practical moves later, Nikolay got me a much better severance! I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Throughout the process, which was stressful, Nikolay kept me informed, educated me about my rights and encouraged me. I am giving Mr. Chsherbinin “5 starts” and recommending him to anyone who needs an experienced employment lawyer.”

~ Sonya Mosher (Toronto, ON)

Employment Matter (July 2020)

“Nikolay is a fantastic lawyer. I have utilized his services to review contracts when joining a new organization as well as departing from one. His knowledge and efficiency in both case lead to changes in my favour. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a trust worthy advocate.”

~ Karri Pasqualini (Toronto, ON)

Employment Disputes (May 2020)

“During my 40+ years as a commercial lawyer, catering to owner operated business, I’ve maintained relations with subspecialists in many areas of practice where I will not go. After crossing paths with Nikolay, who was then advising “the other side” in a transaction I was involved with, I decided I wanted to get to know him. I did, and after retaining him on one very sensitive matter, he is now my go to guy for employment law issues.He is practical and sees the forest as well as the trees. Importantly, he is an effective negotiator towards settlement, but is prepared to litigate.”

~ Howard Saginur (Toronto, ON)

Corporate Employment Disputes (May 2020)

“Chsherbinin Litigation has been very helpful as it pertains to employment law. We have consulted them on numerous occasions and have always been pleased with their level of knowledge, quick response, and actionable recommendations. We’ve had some complex circumstances during instances such as acquisitions, restructuring, and complicated employee work agreements, but they have always provided us with valuable insights and guidance on navigating sensitive matters. Chsherbinin Litigation have been instrumental in helping us understand our legal rights and obligations in order to make informed decisions in difficult circumstances.”

~ Rita Simkin (Toronto, ON)

Civil Litigation (May 2020)

“Mr. Chsherbinin has sophisticated legal mind. He is best strategic planner in legal field. He is passionate about his job, with best interest of clients being number one priority. He will leave no stone unturned and will fight for you! I would highly recommend this firm to anyone in need of legal services. They handled my problem quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.”

~ Victoria Gold (Toronto, ON)

Employment Dispute (May 2020)

“Nikolay is a knowledgeable, professional, and skilled advocate who was responsive to our needs. He was accessible and we enjoyed working with him as a team. We’d recommend Nikolay to anyone with an employment law issue.”

~ Amber Long (Toronto, ON)

Workplace Dispute (May 2020)

“Mr. Chsherbinin negotiated a severance package on my behalf with my large-scale employer. I found him to be approachable and very knowledgeable. His shrewd negotiation, which bordered on litigation, netted me more $ than I had hoped to recover from my uncooperative employer. If it wasn’t for Mr. Chsherbinin’s efforts and strategy, I would have been left underpaid (…and that after years of hard work). Don’t sign any severance offer until you met with Mr. Chsherbinin. I hope this review of some assistance as you parse through a string of Toronto employment lawyers.”

~ Mira Nikolova (Toronto, ON)

Employment Matters (March 2020)

“I highly recommend Nikolay Chsherbinin for all your corporate employment needs. Nikolay’s strategic approach, experience and keen intuition combine to ensure the best possible outcome for his clients.”

~ Carol Chapman (Mississauga, ON)

Litigation (January 2020)

“I was referred to Mr. Chsherbinin by a senior litigator in Toronto. Nikolay is very experienced immigration lawyer with court cases to back up his experience. I really liked how focused and determined he is. Nikolay is personable and easy to work with. I highly recommend Nikolay and his team.”

~ Patricia Hill (Toronto, ON)

Employment (Corporate) (January 2020)

“I have been dealing with Mr. Chsherbinin on a number of occasions. He is very personable, knowledgeable and creative employment lawyer. I recommend him for both corporate employers and employees.”

~ L. Sidlofsky (Toronto, ON)

Employment Dispute (January 2020)

“A senior employment lawyer referred me to Mr. Chsherbinin for his expertise in employment and immigration matters. My wrongful dismissal involved both. Mr. Chsherbinin’s nuanced knowledge of the workings of the immigration law and its impact on my employment-related entitlements persuaded my multi-billion employer to significantly enhanced my severance package. If you are looking for a lawyer who really fights for your rights, then go and see Mr. Chsherbinin. I recommend him highly.”

~ Dikea K. (Toronto, ON)

Prevention of Deportation (December 2019)

“During our meeting, Mr. Chsherbinin told us that we have 2% chance to succeed in our difficult deportation case (…a devastatingly honest estimate). Four days before his deportation, Mr. Chsherbinin managed to get my husband released from the immigration detention. Just – 2 days – before his deportation, Mr. Chsherbinin persuaded the Federal Court to cancel my husband’s removal. This was a very intense week for our family. Mr. Chsherbinin’s procedural strategy was bold and had no room for error. He executed it flawlessly. Nikolay’s dedication to our success was incredible (he literally did not sleep while working on our Federal Court case). He never hesitated and, importantly, kept us informed every step of the way. Mr. Chsherbinin is a very positive, decisive and incredibly creative lawyer. If your immigration case is complex, do yourself a favour, go see Mr. Chsherbinin first. His professional services are not cheap, but his procedural knowledge, advocacy skill, tenacity and supportive personality, would make all the difference in your case. Our family highly recommends Mr. Chsherbinin to yours”

~ Nino Kopaliani (Toronto, ON)

Construction Dispute (December 2019)

“We found ourselves in a position where we were being taken advantage of by contractors. Work was not complete, and we were being pressured to pay for even more work to remedy the issue. Mr. Chsherbinin’s litigation strategy helped us fend off this pressure, and got them to reverse their position. We recommend Mr. Chsherbinin highly and without reservations to anyone who might make use of his legal services.”

~ Sean Bryson (Toronto, ON)

Immigration Litigation (December 2019)

“Mr. Chsherbinin is a very positive, decisive and incredibly creative lawyer!”

~ Milla Motrich (Toronto, ON)

Immigration Litigation (November 2019)

“Just as we were sinking into despair at the seemingly impossible situation without a favourable resolution, we met Nikolay, who turned out to be a beacon of hope for our family. His professionalism, subject matter expertise, calm and empathetic demeanour offered us both emotional support as well as a belief in a positive outcome of events. Although he was careful through the course of our engagement, not to get our hopes too high, there was this unmistakable confidence in him of a man who knows his stuff. We came out of this with the expected outcome and for this my family and I shall be eternally grateful. I have no hesitation or reservations in wholeheartedly recommending Mr. Chsherbinin.”

~ Ali Hajiyev (Toronto, ON)

Immigration Dispute (November 2019)

“Having lost all hope of remaining in Canada with my partner, I was referred to Mr. Chsherbinin for an immigration advice. Nikolay solved all my immigration problems in a few short months. I became permanent resident of Canada last week. I agree with other reviewers that you should never give up go and see Mr. Chsherbinin first. Nikolay will restore your spirit, will come up with creative legal ideas and would support you all the way. I recommend Mr. Chsherbinin highly.”

~ Vaismam Oliveira (Toronto, ON)

Immigration (October 2019)

“Mr. Chsherbinin and his team skillfully represented me in my immigration case, which was successfully resolved without delay. Mr. Chsherbinin was also responsible for successfully getting my study permit approved in 2005. Having successfully navigated my immigration cases in the past and the present, I highly encourage you to contact Mr. Chsherbinin and his team if you are having immigration problems. His timely advice and expertise in dealing with immigration matters resulted in the approval of my immigration case.”

~ Sukhpal Bhupal (London, ON)

Humanitarian & Compassionate – Appeal (September 2019)

“Many lawyers told me that a refusal of my Humanitarian & Compassionate application is un-appealable and that I should not waste money on appeal. Then, I met Mr. Chsherbinin. He encouraged me not to give up; launched an appeal in the Federal Court; came up with creative legal arguments and WON! Less than 1.5 months after the court released its decision, the Canadian government approved my application and I am now a permanent resident of Canada. I observed Mr. Chsherbinin in the Federal Court during his oral arguments and was very impressed with the manner in which he laid out arguments for a judge and responded to tough questions from the judge. I agree with many reviewers (below) who said that you need to go and see Nikolay before you give up. I recommend Nikolay highly for his positive personality, trustworthiness, determination and advocacy skills. As an old adage goes: “you get what you paid for.” Don’t make the mistake I made by hiring an inexpensive lawyer. Instead, go and see Mr. Chsherbinin first.”

~ Galina Taghiyeva (Toronto, ON)

Employment Litigation (June 2019)

“At the time I lost my C-level employment, my ex-employer accused me of a number of wrongdoings, a calculated move to deny me a large severance. When severance negotiations stalled, I switched to Mr. Chsherbinin from another employment lawyer. Mr. Chsherbinin’s decisive procedural steps not only recovered significant severance for me, got my legal fees repaid, but also fend off vexatious claims against me. Mr. Chsherbinin is a positive and pragmatic strategist. If you, like I, lost your executive employment, go see Nikolay first. I recommend him highly for his professional skills and personality.”

~ Drew, K (Toronto, ON)

Just Cause Dismissal (Employment, June 2019)

“Mr. Chsherbinin represented me in a wrongful dismissal dispute where my ex-employer countersued me for negligence and legal fees. Nikolay took my case all the way to trial. Days before trial, my ex-employer caved. It abandoned its lawsuit and settled. I recommend Mr. Chsherbinin highly for his resoluteness and professional skills.”

~ Olha, P (Toronto, ON)

Workplace ESA Issues (Employment, November 2018)

“Our clinic benefited from Mr. Chsherbinin’s savvy legal advice that saved us money. We highly recommend Mr. Chsherbinin and his team for their personable, dedicated and timely service.”

~ Downsview Clinic (Toronto, ON)

Appeal: Employee or Independent Contractor (Employment, October 2018)

“Our company retained Mr. Chsherbinin to represent us on an appeal before the Ontario Labour Relations Board. Mr. Chsherbinin’s persuasive advocacy, litigation skills, perseverance and diligence resulted in a victory. We highly recommend Mr. Chsherbinin for all your employment-related needs.”

Ghost Counsel (Employment, October 2018)

“I hired Mr. Chsherbinin to act as my ‘ghost counsel’ in order to resolve my employment-related dispute. Thanks to Nikolay’s shrewd negotiation tactics, all of which occurred behind the scene, my opponent had no choice but to settle a dispute at a significantly reduced amount. I recommend Mr. Chsherbinin highly for his supportive personality and a no-nonsense style.”

~ Sergiy, S (Toronto, ON)

Complex Immigration Case (October 2018)

“It took 27 years for me to become permanent resident of Canada. Number of lawyers told me that my case is hopeless. Mr. Chsherbinin restored my hope, encouraged me to fight on and managed to secure a permanent resident status for me. If you are ever told that you case is hopeless or difficult, don’t give up and go see Mr. Chsherbinin. I recommend Nikolay highly for his extensive knowledge of immigration law and litigation experience. Excellent work!”

~ Vladimir, K (Toronto, ON)

Workplace Dispute (Employment, October 2018)

“Our company was referred to and retained Mr. Chsherbinin with a view to fend off a wrongful dismissal lawsuit. Mr. Chsherbinin’s carefully calibrated litigation strategy made the problem go away and saved us money. We highly recommend Mr. Chsherbinin.”

~ Kanset Services Inc. (Toronto, ON)

Provincial Nominee (Immigration, September 2018)

“Our immigration case greatly benefited from Mr. Chsherbinin’s specialized guidance, extensive knowledge of immigration procedure and resourcefulness. We encourage you to contact Mr. Chsherbinin if you have complex immigration issues. Our family recommends him highly!”

~ Kim family (South Korea)

Wrongful Dismissal (Just Cause, September 2018)

“When Canada’s largest bank dismissed me for just cause, I was referred to and retained Mr. Chsherbinin as my litigation counsel. Nikolay’s litigation strategy, its calculated execution and perseverance forced the bank to relent on its uncompromising stance and to pay a significant severance to me. Nikolay is relentless. I recommend him highly for his litigation skills, positive personality and determination.”

~ Scott, T (Brampton, ON)

Overseas Family Sponsorship (Immigration, August 2018)

“After much frustration with Canada Immigration, I hired Mr. Chsherbinin to assist me with my parents’ overseas sponsorship, which has been outstanding for 5 years. Thanks to Mr. Chsherbinin’s proactive steps and experience, my parents’ application was approved very quickly. Our family highly recommends Mr. Chsherbinin to yours.”

~ Livia, R (Toronto, ON)

Just Cause Dismissal (Employment, September 2017)

“When a fashion house and luxury retail company terminated my 17-year employment for cause, I retained Mr. Chsherbinin to ‘fight’ my dismissal. Not only did Mr. Chsherbinin secure for me significant severance package, he also persuaded my ex-employer to withdraw its just cause allegation. I recommend Mr. Chsherbinin highly for his foresight, strategic acumen, emotional support and excellent advocacy skills.”

~ Nick, V (Toronto, ON)

Citizenship Appeal (Immigration, August 2017)

“Mr. Chsherbinin successfully resisted the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration’s attack on my approved citizenship application. Having accompanied Mr. Chsherbinin in the Federal Court, I was impressed with his oral advocacy, rapport with the Court and tenacity. I recommend Mr. Chsherbinin highly for his litigation, oral and writing skills.”

~ Rabbiya (Brampton, ON)

Prevention of Deportation (Immigration, July 2017 )

“When Canada Border Services Agency directed me to report for a removal from Canada, I retained Mr. Chsherbinin to stop my deportation. Nikolay’s creative thinking and calculated litigation strategies persuaded the Federal Court to defer my removal. Subsequently, Nikolay secured me an immigration status via H&C, which also allowed my family to join me in Canada. Nikolay is persuasive, positive and highly experienced lawyer. I recommend him highly, especially to those whose cases are complicated and time sensitive.”

~ Oleksandr, L (North York, ON)

Federal Court Litigation (H&C Refusal, June 2017)

“Our family was referred to Mr. Chsherbinin by another lawyer at a very critical time in our Federal Court’s litigation. Mr. Chsherbinin’s practical steps recalibrated our litigation strategy and his oral advocacy persuaded the court to rule in our favour. Our family’s immigration case was subsequently approved. We are happy to recommend Mr. Chsherbinin to you. He is a very reliable, experienced and knowledgeable lawyer, who does not afraid to litigate.”

~ Stella, A (Toronto, ON)

Prevention of Deportation (Immigration, April 2017)

“While on the verge of deportation to South Korea, I was referred to Mr. Chsherbinin. His practical steps – under very tight deadlines – resulted in the deferral of my removal and subsequent approval of my permanent residence application. Mr. Chsherbinin’s involvement was instrumental to the success of my case. I recommend him highly.”

~ Geumhee C. (Vancouver, BC)

Release from (Prolonged) Detention (Immigration, March 2017)

“During my 5-month immigration detention a number of lawyers tried to secure my release, without success. In March 2017, I was referred to Mr. Chsherbinin who, in just one shot, persuaded the Immigration Division to release me. Wow! Mr. Chsherbinin’s preparation and oral presentation were both excellent and persuasive. I recommend Mr. Chsherbinin highly for all your immigration problems.”

~ Young, H. (Toronto, ON)

Wrongful Dismissal (Employment, February 2017)

“When my (large) employer terminated my 26-year employment for just cause, I retained Mr. Chsherbinin to represent me. Nikolay’s litigation strategy, determination and dedication to my case led to successful outcome. Nikolay is personable, knowledgeable and devoted employer lawyer. I recommend him highly!”

~ Celia, T. (Mississauga, ON)

Ontario Provincial Nominee (Immigration, January 2017)

“When processing of my permanent residence application under an Ontario Provincial Nominee program has been significantly delayed, I switched to Mr. Chsherbinin from another representative. As a result of Mr. Chsherbinin’s diligence and skills, my application was rapidly approved. I recommend Mr. Chsherbinin highly for his immigration law expertise, personality and practicality.”

~ Jaechul O. (North York, ON)

Gold Medalist, Taekwondo

Korean National Championships (2001 & 2002), Seoul, Korea

Wrongful Dismissal (Employment, January 2017)

“Having been wrongfully dismissed after 26 years of employment, I was referred to and retained Mr. Chsherbinin. Nikolay took my case all the way and never flinched, despite formidable opposition. His pragmatism, nuanced knowledge of employment law and litigation procedure, produced favourable results. I recommend Nikolay highly for all your employment-related needs.”

~ Pina T. (Woodbridge, ON)

Deportation (Immigration, December 2016)

“Mr. Chsherbinin skillfully represented our family before the Federal Court and stopped the deportation. I recommend Mr. Chsherbinin for his persistence, litigation skills and extensive immigration law knowledge.”

~ Kyuyoung K.(North York, ON)

Gold Medalist, Taekwondo

Ontario and Toronto Championships 1998-2003

Employment Dispute (Negotiation, October 2016)

“A well-regarded lawyer referred Mr. Chsherbinin to us. Nikolay’s calculated strategy allowed us to avoid litigation and, importantly, save relationship with our partner. We recommend Nikolay highly for his strategic thinking, skillful negotiation and drafting.”

~ Espresso Canada Inc. (Toronto, ON)

In-Canada Spouse Sponsorship (Immigration, October 2016)

“One of Canada’s most respected lawyers recommended Mr. Chsherbinin to me. Nikolay’s advanced knowledge of the immigration procedure, professionalism and caring attitude eliminated all the stress that immigration to Canada entails. Under Nikolay’s supervision, I secured my permanent resident status within 12 months. I recommend Nikolay highly!”

~ Pamela A. (Toronto, ON)

Revocation of Status (Immigration, October 2016)

“Having entered Canada legally, the government refused to grant me permanent status due to the alleged misrepresentation. Having struggled with other lawyers, I finally was referred to Mr. Chsherbinin, who did not hesitate to escalate my case to the Federal Court and ultimately persuaded the immigration authorities that they were wrong. Nikolay’s resolute stance for his clients’ rights, tenacity and supportive personality are greatly appreciated. I recommend Nikolay without hesitation!”

~ Joao Marcelo M. (Saskatoon, SK)

Workplace Advice (Employment, September 2016)

“We continue to benefit from Mr. Chsherbinin’s effective employment advice and practical insights, which help our company to achieve its workplace objectives at reduced costs. We recommend Nikolay highly for his expertise in workplace disputes, accessibility and personality.”

~ Elixir Marketing Inc.

Wrongful Dismissal (Negotiation, August 2016)

“Having lost my 18-year employment with a Fortune 500 company, I was referred to Mr. Chsherbinin for advice. Nikolay’s shrewdness, writing skills and determination resulted in significant enhancement of my severance package. I recommend him highly for his sound judgment, expertise in employment law and integrity.”

~ Jeff N. (Brampton, ON)

Business Dispute (Negotiation, August 2016)

“To eliminate an emerging disagreement with competition, we were referred to Mr. Chsherbinin. Nikolay’s tenacity, sharp wit, integrity and honest guidance propelled our dispute to its successfully resolution. We recommend Nikolay highly for all your negotiation needs.”

Prevention of Deportation (Litigation, July 2016)

“Faced with seemingly unavoidable deportation to South Korea, I retained Mr. Chsherbinin to “fight” it in the Federal Court. Just three days before the scheduled deportation, Nikolay stopped it. Three months later, in July 2016, I became a permanent resident of Canada. Yay! I recommend Nikolay highly for his immigration litigation skills, incredible work ethic, integrity and dedication to my difficult case.”

~ Seongmi H. (North York, On)

Wrongful Dismissal (Litigation, June 2016)

“I switched to Mr. Chsherbinin from another Toronto employment law firm. My former employer (a fortune 500 company) consistently refused to increase its “low-ball” severance offer. Mr. Chsherbinin’s swift and calculated litigation strategy forced it to re-consider its stand and led to a sizable increase in severance. I recommend Nikolay highly for his supportive personality, knowledge and persistence.”

~ Igor Y. (Etobicoke, ON)

Wrongful Dismissal (Litigation, December 2015)

“My wrongful dismissal (just cause) case was referred to Mr. Chsherbinin by a reputable Toronto law firm. His knowledge of employment law, strategic thinking and tenacity resolved my case in my favour. Mr. Chsherbinin’s supportive personality, persuasive writing and commitment to his clients’ success are qualities that set him apart from other lawyers that I dealt with in the past. I recommend him highly and will be happy to respond to inquiries about Nikolay.”

~ Eileen H. (Aurora, ON)

Pension Dispute (Litigation, November 2015)

“When a major Canadian corporation refused to pay the full amount of my pension, I was referred to Mr. Chsherbinin for advice. He came up with creative legal arguments and vigorously pursued my case to its ultimate success. Faced with formidable opposition, Mr. Chsherbinin did not flinch. I recommend Nikolay highly for his knowledge and perseverance.”

~ William Q. (Toronto, ON)

Misuse of Confidential Information and Breach of Non-compete Agreement (Employment Litigation, July 2015)

“We were referred to Mr. Chsherbinin by a highly regarded lawyer. On July 3, 2015 Mr. Chsherbinin successfully resisted our competitor’s aggressive motion, in which it sought to prevent us form allegedly “misusing” its confidential information and to allow it to inspect our computers. Mr. Chsherbinin’s litigation strategy and unshakable legal stance led to our competitor’s defeat. We benefited from Mr. Chsherbinin’s tenacity, written and oral advocacy and unwavering commitment to success. We recommend him highly for his legal and interpersonal skills.”

~ Sparx Logistics Canada Limited

Humanitarian & Compassionate (Litigation, January 2015)

“In January 2015 Mr. Chsherbinin skillfully represented our family before the Federal Court of Canada, where he persuaded the judge to overturn refusal of our Humanitarian & Compassionate application. Mr. Chsherbinin is committed to his clients’ success. His tenacity and ability to think “outside the box” to find the nub that could positively affect the course of litigation is rare and appreciated. We recommend him highly!”

~ Trus Family (North York, ON)

Civil Litigation (December 2014)

“At a critical time in a complex litigation process, we switched to Chsherbinin Litigation from another prominent firm. Mr. Chsherbinin’s strategic advice, tenacity and perseverance produced desirable outcomes. We recommend him highly!”

~ HS & Partners LLP

Wrongful Dismissal (Litigation, May 2013)

“My employment dispute benefited from Mr. Chsherbinin’s straightforward legal advice, its accurate execution and his supportive personality. I highly recommend Nikolay.”

~ Anna, F (Thornhill, ON)

Citizenship Refusal (Litigation, April 2013)

“I retained Mr. Chsherbinin to appeal the denial of my citizenship. He skillfully persuaded the Federal Court to overturn the denial. His knowledge of immigration law and advocacy skills are to be applauded. I highly recommend Nikolay for immigration appeals.”

~ Korolove, Ayelet (North York, ON)

Wrongful Dismissal (Litigation, August 2013)

“Mr. Chsherbinin’s savvy negotiation strategies secured me a larger severance package. Nikolay is knowledgeable and his methods are effective. I recommend him with confidence.”

~ Jeiran, K (Concord, ON)

Prevention of Deportation (Litigation, May 2013)

“Mr. Chsherbinin successfully argued our immigration deportation case at the Federal Court. I recommend him highly for his professionalism and tenacity.”

~ Valeriya, V (North York, ON)

Permanent Resident Status (Immigration, April 2013)

“Mr. Chsherbinin assisted me in securing my permanent residency in Canada, with little to no hassle. Nikolay is extremely knowledgeable and diligent, making the overall immigration process efficient and stress free. I recommend him without hesitation.”

~ Christine, P (Toronto, ON)