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30 May Habeas Corpus and the Immigration Detention of Non-citizen, The Lawyer’s Daily (May 30, 2018)

Immigration detentions of non-citizens must only be for an immigration-related purpose. Undoubtedly, a detention is never pleasant. However, it is not the detention itself, or even its length, that is objectionable, but its unlawfulness. Often non-citizens are being detained on a faulty factual premise, inadvertent...

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03 Mar Employment Law

2018-10-31: Mr. Chsherbinin wins a trial, which dealt with the question of the validity and enforceability of a termination clause.2018-10-11: The Law Times features Mr. Chsherbinin article "Deducting Pension Benefits in Wrongful Dismissals."2018-9-17: The Law Times publishes Mr. Chsherbinin's article "Rescinding an Accepted Notice of...

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